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2015-2016 Catalog 
2015-2016 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]



Dr. Peter G. Checkovich (1987)
Professor of Education
B.A. University of Virginia (1971)
M.Ed. University of Virginia (1975)
Ed.S. University of Virginia (1979)
Ed.D. University of Virginia (1985)

School of Professional Studies and University Transfer

Dr. R. Craig Miller (2005)
Vice President of the School of Professional Studies and University Transfer

B.S. Shepherd College (1998)
M.B.A. Frostburg University (2003)
Ed.D. West Virginia University (2012)

Megan Allen
Criminal Justice/Sociology Coordinator
B.A. UNC-Greensboro (2007)
M.A. East Carolina University (2013)

Jackie Griggs (2013)
Academic Program Specialist/Lecturer
A.A. Hagerstown Community College (2002)
B.S. Shepherd University (2005)

Sandra Baker (2007)
A.A.S Blue Ridge Community and Technical College (2007)

Janet Branch (2014)
Program Coordinator, Computer Applications Specialist

B.S. Virginia Commonwealth University (1985)
M.S. Old Dominion University (2005)

Alecha Cauffman-Sanbower (2011)
Associate Dean, Business & Social Science
Program Coordinator of Paralegal Studies
Assistant Professor

B.A. American University (1991)
M.S. Shippensburg University (1994)
T.I.P.C. Wilson College (2014)

Amanda Carrell (2007)
E-Learning Specialist

R.B.A. Shepherd University (2013)

Dr. Kathy Cox (2013)
Associate Dean, Humanities
B.A. Harvard (1987)
M.A. University of Virginia (2002)
Ed.D. West Virginia University (2009)

Joshua DeVree (2014)
Course Designer

B.A. Grand Valley State University (2005)
M.A. Hood College (2008)

Brett Gallagher (2008)
Associate Dean, E-Learning & Assessment
B.A. West Virginia University (2007)
M.A.T. Shepherd University (2011)
M.A. West Virginia University (2015)

Anthony Hanners (2014)
Program Coordinator, Information Technology

A.A.S. Hagerstown Community College (2012)
B.S. University of Maryland, University College (2015)

Apryl McDonough (2012)
Chair, Information Technology
Program Coordinator of Board of Governors
A.A.S. Blue Ridge Community and Technical College (2009)
B.S. Kaplan University (2011)
M.B.A. American Public University (2013)

Rebecca Moore (1992)
Associate Professor
B.S. Shepherd College (1990)
M.B.A. West Virginia University (1994)
Ed.S. George Washington University (2005)

Deidre Morrison (2006)
Assistant Professor
B.A. Shepherd College (2002)
M.A. West Virginia University (2014)

Michele Morrison (2009)
Associate Dean, Information Technology
Program Coordinator of CyberSecurity

Assistant Professor
A.A. Potomac State College (1995)
B.S. West Virginia University (1998)
M.A. West Virginia University (2000)

Kerri Namolik (2006)
Chair, Business & Social Science
Assistant Professor of Legal Studies

B.A. The University of Pittsburgh (2003)
M.L.S. West Virginia University (2010)

Ann Price (2011)
Associate Professor
CPA (1989)
B.S. Shepherd College (1987)
M.B.A. West Virginia University (1987)

Ron Richter (2013)
Information Technology Program Coordinator
A.S. Garrett Community College (2003)
B.S. Frostburg State University (2006)
M.B.A. West Virginia University (2009)

David Mathers (2014)
Remote Technologies Project Coordinator
A.S. Hagerstown Community College (1998)
B.S. Indiana University (2012)

James Ralston (1984)
Assistant Professor
B.A. Alma College (1966)
M.A. Wayne State University (1967)

Patricia Sherwood (2008)
Program Coordinator of Business
Assistant Professor

A.S. Luzerne County Community College (1984)
B.S. King’s College (1986)
M.B.A. Wilkes University (1991)

Robert T. “Bob” Smith (2007)
Assistant Professor
A.S. Hagerstown Junior College (1994)
B.S. Frostburg State University (1997)
M.B.A. Frostburg State University (2003)

Dr. Billie A. Unger (1987)
Program Coordinator, Liberal Arts

B.A. Shepherd College (1981)
M.A. West Virginia University (1990)
Ed.D. West Virginia University (2003)

Workforce and Engineering Technologies

Dr. Ann Shipway (2002)
Vice President of Workforce and Engineering Technologies
Associate Professor

A.A.S. Allegany College of Maryland (1986)
A.A Allegany College of Maryland (1986)
B.A. College of Notre Dame of Maryland (1988)
M.A. College of Notre Dame of Maryland (1993)
Ed.D. West Virginia University (2009)

Laura Busey (2009)
Director of Operations, Scheduling & Site Support

B.A. Shepherd University (2008)

James Bayly (2014)
Bridging the Gap, Energy Coordinator
A.A.S. Blue Ridge CTC (2015)

Kathy Collis (2013)
Instructor of Mathematics
B.S. Cedarville University (1987)
M.S. Shippensburg University (1989)

Ronald Cooke (2012)
Electrical Distribution Lecturer

Lara Cramer (2012)
Food Quality Manager/Lecturer
A.A.S. Baltimore International College (2001)
B.A. American Public University (2015)

Christine L. Garner (2010)
Bruin Student Lab & Program Coordinator
A.A.S. Atlantic Cape Community College - Culinary Certificate Academy of Culinary Arts (1991)
B.A. Shepherd University (2010)

Jamie Harrison (2012)
Foundation and Research Assistant/Lecturer
B.S. West Virginia University (2009)

Amber Henson (2008)
Program Coordinator of Mathematics
Assistant Professor of Mathematics

A.A. Garrett College (2001)
B.S. Shepherd College (2003)
M.Ed. Frostburg State University (2007)

Tiffany Hine (2011)
Program Coordinator/Assistant Professor
B.A. West Virginia University (1991)
M.P.A. West Virginia University (1993)

Patricia Hubbard (2009)
Director of Customized Training & Workforce Development
B.S. Virginia Tech (1973)
M.S. Marshall University (1992)

Cynthia Hull (2011)
Associate Dean of Career Advancement Education/Assistant Professor
A.A. Hagerstown Community College (1977)
B.A. Hood College (1979)
M.Ed. Frostburg State University (2007)

Sherri Janelle (2010)
Foundation Director
B.A. Elon University (1985)

William Lucht (1989)
Business Liaison
B.A. Morris Harvey College (1970)
M.A. Marshall University (1975)

David Michaels
Bridging the Gap, Advanced Manufacturing Coordinator
A.B.S. Liberty University (1999)

Anne Myers (2014)
Assistant Director of Workforce Development
B.A. Temple University (1981)

Duane Roberson (2010)
Program Coordinator of Electrical Distribution

Carol Rothstein (2011)
Director of the Morgan County Center/Assistant Professor
A.A. Liberty University (2009)
B.S. Liberty University (2010)
M.A. Liberty Univeristy (2012)

Gary Rothstein (2011)
Associate Dean of Workforce and Engineering Technologies/Assistant Professor
B.S. Liberty University (2005)
M.B.A. West Virginia University (2013)

Dr. William Shipley (2011)
Program Coordinator of Mathematics
Institutional Research Director
Associate Professor of Mathematics

B.S. Towson University (1994)
M.S. Shippensburg University (1996)
Ph.D. American University (1999)

Sallie Sterling (2012)
Instructor of Mathematics
B.S. Shippensburg University (1976)
M.A. University of Maryland Baltimore County (1984)

David Teets (2011)
Lab Supervisor/Lecturer
B.S. Belford University (2008)

Taylor Tibyash (2012)
Career Readiness Assessment Coordinator/Lecturer
B.A. West Virginia University (2012)

Steve Weiss (2008)
Program Coordinator of Hospitality and Culinary Arts

A.A.S. Dutchess Community College (1986)
A.A.S. Baltimore’s International Culinary Art Institute (1988)
R.B.A. Shepherd University (2014)

Alan Zube (2011)
Program Coordinator of Mechatronics/Assistant Professor
B.A. Ed. Auburn (1976)
M.S. Ed. Western Kentucky University (1980)

School of Health Sciences

Dr. George Perry (2004)
Vice President of Instruction
B.A. West Virginia Wesleyan College (1982)
M.Ed. West Virginia Wesleyan College (1990)
Ed.D. West Virginia University (2004)

Louise Black (2008)
Assistant Professor
B.A. Ohio Wesleyan University (1976)
M.Ed. Kent State University (1981)

Lynne Harty (2008)
Assistant Professor
B.S.N. William Patterson College (1977)
M.S.N. Mountain State University (2008)

John Jacko (2012)
Assistant Professor
B.S. Rutgers University (1984)
D.P.M. Pennsylvania College of Podiatric Medicine (1991)

Kim Kiefer (2008)
Associate Professor
A.S.N. Excelsior College (1997)
B.S. University of Maryland (1997)
M.S.N. University of Phoenix (2006)

Dr. Chrystal L. McDonald (2011)
Program Coordinator of Physical Therapist Assistant
M.P.T. Shenandoah University (2002)
D.P.T. Shenandoah University (2005)

Kathy Monroe (2010)
Assistant Professor
B.S. University of North Carolina (1989)
M.S. University of North Carolina (1992)

Karen Pugsley (2005)
Assistant Professor
B.S.N. Mankato State College (1974)
M.N. University of Washington (1988)

Susan Reneker (2012)
Lecturer/Program Coordinator
B.S. Shippensburg University (1976)
Medical Transcription Certification Hagerstown Community College (2005)

Margaret Riden (2008)
Assistant Professor
A.A.S. Marymount College of Virginia (1986)
B.S.N. University of Maryland at Baltimore (1996)
M.S.N. Walden University (2008)

Elizabeth Viens Rini (2005)
Director of Nursing
B.S.N. George Mason University (1987)
M.S.N. George Mason University (1993)
Ph.D. West Virginia University (2014)

Phyllis Michele Sheely (2010)
Clinical Coordinator of Physical Therapist Assistant
A.A. Frederick Community College (1994)
A.S. Pennsylvania State University (1997)
B.A. Marshall University (2011)

Richard Snyder (2006)
Chair of Allied Health Science
Program Coordinator of Medical Assisting

B.A. Carson-Newman College (1986)
R.M.A. American Medical Technologists (2003)
M.A. West Virginia University (2011)

Randolph Spies (2005)
Program Coordinator for Emergency Medical Services
A.A.S. Hagerstown Community College (2004)
R.B.A. Shepherd University (2012)

Dr. James Walker
EMS Medical Director
B.S. United States Military Academy (1972)
M.D. University of Hawai’i at Manca (1981)

Don Weigel (2010)
Clinical Coordinator of Emergency Medical Services
B.A. Pennsylvania State University (1991)

Allison Flynn (2013)
B.S.N. West Virginia University (2006)
M.S.N. Walden University (2013)

Stephanie Sherwood (2013)
A.S.N. Blue Ridge CTC (2007)
A.A.S. Blue Ridge CTC (2007)
B.S.N. West Virginia University (2013)
M.S.N. Ed Liberty University (2015)

Sheila Spangler
Medical Assisting Coordinator
A.A.S. Blue Ridge CTC (2006)

J. Ashleigh Spear (2012)
A.S.N. Northern Virginia Community College (2002)