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2021-2022 Student Handbook 
2021-2022 Student Handbook [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


This Student Code shall apply to conduct that occurs on College premises; at College-sponsored activities; to conduct that does not occur on College premises but that adversely affects or interferes with the educational or orderly operation of the College, its mission, or the pursuit of its objectives; to conduct that does not occur on College premises but, in light of all of the facts and circumstances, would endanger the health, safety, or property of the College, the College Community, or its neighboring communities; and to conduct that occurs on or off of College premises or property which violates federal, state, or local laws, policies of the Blue Ridge Community & Technical College Board of Governors, institutional or campus rules or regulations, directives of College officials, including failing to observe conduct which is appropriate for an academic institution.

Conduct from the time of application for admission through the actual awarding of a degree, even if the conduct occurs before classes begin or after classes end, as well as during the academic year and during periods between terms of actual enrollment is subject to this Student Code. The Student Code shall apply to a student’s conduct even if the student withdraws from school while a disciplinary matter is pending, and even if the student’s conduct is not discovered until after a degree is awarded.

This Code of Student Conduct shall apply to all students including but not limited to students enrolled in undergraduate or certificate granting programs. Academic and professional standards of conduct will also apply to students enrolled in programs that have adopted such standards, i.e., all students are subject to this Student Code and some students may be concurrently subject to additional standards and sanctions as determined by the respective academic programs.  An investigation, adjudication or disposition conducted in accordance with the Conduct Code may be carried out prior to, simultaneously with, or following proceedings conducted under program specific codes and sanctions issued under the Student Conduct Code and may be different than those issued under program specific codes.

Student conduct that occurs off College property is subject to the Code where it:  a) adversely affects the health, safety, or security of any other member of the College community, or the mission of the College; or b) involves academic work or any records or documents of the College.  In determining whether or not to exercise jurisdiction over such conduct, the officer of Student Conduct will consider the seriousness of the alleged offense, the risk of harm involved, whether the victim(s) are members of the campus community and/or whether the off-campus conduct is part of a series of actions that occurred both on and off College property (all of these things need not be present in order for the Student Conduct Code to apply).