Oct 15, 2018  
2017-2018 Catalog 
2017-2018 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Board of Governors, A.A.S.

Exclusively designed for the adult learner, the Board of Governor's Degree gives students the flexibility to design their degree and earn it at a faster pace. By using a portfolio process, past work, learning, college, or military experience can potentially count towards college credits. For students out of high school for at least two years and not holding a previous degree, the pace and flexibility of the program will accelerate studies in general education subjects such as: business, criminal justice, information technology, and natural sciences.

Program Overview

The Board of Governors A.A.S. requires 60 credit hours, which includes a general education core of 21 credit hours and 39 credit hours of general electives. The structure of the degree assures flexibility in program design to meet the individual needs of adult students. The required general education courses assure the development of essential skills and competencies necessary for an associate level graduate. The general electives category allows students to demonstrate and document a defined occupational proficiency.

Students are encouraged to explore various options for obtaining credit for prior learning experiences including standardized exams, challenge exams, credential validation, and portfolio credit. Students who choose to earn credit for college-level learning acquired through professional work experience or other life experiences must complete CGEN 110 - Portfolio Development I and CGEN 111 - Portfolio Development II. ENGL 101 - ~Written English, must be completed with grade of C or better before registering for CGEN 110. There is a $300 fee to submit a portfolio. There is a $10 per credit fee for posting credits to the transcript. The portfolio provides the opportunity for equating documented, college level, experiential learning to college credit. College courses successfully completed at regionally accredited institutions may be transferred into the program and applied toward the 60-credit requirement. 

Students in the Board of Governors A.A.S. Program are subject to Blue Ridge Community and Technical College's requirements for admissions, basic skills testing, and appropriate course placement, including developmental education courses, which may not count toward completion of the program. Blue Ridge Community and Technical College Catalog requirements regarding academic standards, student conduct, and graduation procedures also apply.

Career Opportunities

This degree program allows students to speed their entry into, or upward mobility in, a variety of business, criminal justice, technology, or scientific fields.

Curriculum for an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Board of Governors

General Education 21
General Electives 39
Total Credit Hours Required 60

General Education Required Areas


*Three credit hours must be ENGL 101  or ENGL 110 

Computer Literacy 3 Credit Hours

Typical Courses: Information Literacy, Understanding Computers