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2021-2022 Catalog 
2021-2022 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

MAST 206 - Clinical Medical Assistant II (2)

This course builds on topics covered in MAST 202 - Clinical Medical Assistant I (2)  and introduces new information including an introduction to the medical laboratory, lab equipment, and safety, microbiology, collecting, processing, and testing of blood and urine specimens, nutrition and special diets, principles of pharmacology, and drug administration.  The course also includes topics on the anatomy of the heart, cardiac cycle, 12-lead ECG, lead identification, ECG tracing troubleshooting, cardiac dysrhythmias, Holter monitors, and stress testing.  Additional topics covered are anatomy of the respiratory system, symptoms of respiratory conditions/disorders, pulmonary function testing including Spirometry, peak flow meters, pulse oximetry and the medical assistant’s role in diagnostic radiology.

Prerequisite(s): MAST 202 - Clinical Medical Assistant I (2)  .
Corerequisite(s): MAST 206L - Clinical Medical Assistant II Lab (1)