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2019-2020 Student Handbook 
2019-2020 Student Handbook [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Academic Rights and Responsibilities

  1. Academic Rights and Responsibilities
    1. All students, faculty, and staff are responsible for understanding and complying with the Blue Ridge CTC stated academic requirements.
      1. Student grades are to be based solely on academic performance as measured by the standards set forth in the course syllabus.
      2. Students should feel free to express their thoughts and opinions in an academic forum without fear of punishment or retribution.
      3. Assignments must be completed by the student for whom the work is assigned and in the absence of unauthorized aid of any kind.
      4. Instructors shall encourage honest effort by exercising care in planning and supervising academic work.
      5. A student who does not comply with the Blue Ridge CTC honesty standard may be subject to sanctions up to and including failure in the course which may be granted by the Faculty of Record for that course without a Student Conduct Hearing.  In cases where the assigned F will result in a programmatic dismissal, or in cases where suspension of a student or expulsion from a program is recommended, a Student Conduct Hearing will be held to ensure due process.
    2. Students who choose to enroll at Blue Ridge CTC have the following academic rights:
      1. The right of access to the Blue Ridge CTC College Catalog which describes all academic program requirements including:
        1. Required courses
        2. Total credit requirements
        3. Residence requirements
        4. Special program requirements
        5. Minimum grade point average requirements
        6. Probation standards
        7. Professional standards
        8. Other pertinent information
      2. The right to a written syllabus containing the academic requirements of the course and the instructor’s expectation for the course.
      3. Course syllabi will be distributed by instructors of record and should contain information on:
        1. Attendance policy
        2. Grading procedures
        3. Course information
        4. Special requirements including field trips
        5. Additional costs
        6. Other pertinent information
      4. Students have the right of appeal for the following reasons:
        1. Discrimination
        2. Error in grade calculation
        3. Grade awarded in an arbitrary or capricious manner