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2017-2018 Student Handbook 
2017-2018 Student Handbook [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Disciplinary Records

The Office of Enrollment Management maintains a disciplinary record for every student. This file is automatically destroyed seven years after the final resolution of the student’s case, unless the student was expelled. The files of expelled students are kept indefinitely. These files are maintained by the Office of Enrollment Management and are separate from transcripts, which are maintained by the College Registrar.  

Disciplinary files are considered educational records pursuant to the Federal Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and The Office of Enrollment Management strives to respect and uphold the safety and privacy concerns of complainants and witnesses.  Information about witnesses, complainants, and the accused is generally restricted to those persons directly involved in deciding the outcome of the case or who have a bona fide educational need to know.  Complainants, witnesses, and members of the public are not usually entitled to information about a student’s campus judicial proceedings and educational record. Except in limited circumstances, a student’s disciplinary record cannot be provided to a third party without the student’s written permission.  This prohibition on disclosure includes but is not limited to parents, spouses, advisors, and legal counsel.  However, victims of sexual assault and/or violence are in, most circumstances, entitled to know the final outcome of judicial proceedings against their alleged attackers.

A student may request a copy of his or her disciplinary record and/or may request that the disciplinary record, including information related to pending charges, be provided to a third party by completing a Disciplinary Record Release authorization form. The form should be submitted to Office of Enrollment Management.

Personal information about witnesses may be redacted from disciplinary records.