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2019-2020 Catalog 
2019-2020 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Professional Development Certificate

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Program Overview

The Professional Development Certificate provides an opportunity for Blue Ridge Community and Technical College students to enhance their learning experience by completing a series of educational courses in a specialized area.  Along with core courses, each certificate offers a balanced curriculum with coursework in communication, social and cultural awareness, and scientific and quantitative reasoning along with focused study in a particular content area.  The coursework is essential to prepare students seeking to expand their knowledge and competencies as they complete an associate’s degree and/or enter or advance in the workforce.  

The certificate is designed to be completed in one year of full-time enrollment at Blue Ridge Community and Technical College. The specialized study is offered in the following areas: Communication Studies, General Education, Public Relations, and Social Sciences. The specific course requirements for each Professional Development Certificate Track are outlined below.

Career Opportunities

Completion of the Professional Development Certificate demonstrates to employers and transfer institutions a student’s commitment to the acquisition of knowledge in both core subjects and a specialized content area.  This coursework is designed to enhance academic and professional competencies.

Curriculum for a Certificate in Professional Development

General Education Core 12
Specialty Track 18
Total Credit Hours Required 30

Specialty Tracks:

You must select ONE of the following specialty tracks:

Communication Studies Track

General Education Track

  •  Any credited course 100 level or above not taken elsewhere in the program


Subtotal Credit Hours Required 18

Social Science Track

Program Disclaimer

This curriculum includes a list of courses required for this program of studies for this calendar year.  Your Academic Plan can be found on DegreeWorks once you become a degree-seeking student. 

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