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2018-2019 Catalog 
2018-2019 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Liberal Arts, A.A.

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Blue Ridge Community and Technical College's Liberal Arts program features a balanced and flexible curriculum with coursework in communication, scientific and quantitative reasoning, and social and cultural awareness. A Liberal Arts Degree positions students for success in a variety of fields/careers and communicates to employers that A.A. graduates are knowledgeable individuals capable of making informed decisions.

Program Overview

The Associate of Arts in Liberal Arts is ideal for students who seek a broad‐based education, plan to continue their education at four-year institutions, or want to increase their opportunities for career entry or advancement. The skills and competencies mastered in the liberal arts degree are applicable to a variety of baccalaureate degrees and careers. The Associate of Arts in Liberal Arts sets students on a path to gain the skills most valued by both institutions of higher education and today's employers. To be successful in the university or workplace setting, students/employees must be able to communicate clearly, work with others, think critically, and appreciate diversity. All these skills can be gained through the balanced, flexible coursework included in the Associate of Arts in Liberal Arts Degree.

A.A. Liberal Arts Mission/Program Goals:

  1. Assist students in gaining a better understanding of themselves and their relationships with others.
  2. Encourage students to become and remain informed citizens.
  3. Inspire students to become lifelong learners to keep pace with today's global economy.
  4. Support students in their efforts to understand and embrace diversity in an ever-changing, complex world.
  5. Provide the tools and experiences necessary to successfully transition into other educational institutions or into the workforce.

A.A. Liberal Arts Learner Outcomes:

  1. Students will demonstrate the interpersonal and evaluative skills necessary to effectively participate in a group and both provide and receive constructive feedback.
  2. Students will identify ways in which lifelong learning and aesthetic interests are important for living a balanced, enjoyable life.
  3. Students will exhibit the academic and social skills necessary for successful transition to other colleges/universities or into the workforce.
  4. Students will apply ethical principles in both written and oral communication.
  5. Students will assess the historical and political issues that have shaped our culturally diverse country and articulate the importance of their roles as informed and participatory citizens.
  6. Students will express insight into an appreciation of the arts and evaluate their relevance in today's society.
  7. Students will cultivate an understanding of the complex cultural texture of today's world.

Career Opportunities

The breadth of skills mastered in the A.A. program will prepare students for success as they pursue a bachelor's degree or seek employment/advancement in a variety of fields.

Curriculum for an Associate of Arts Degree in Liberal Arts

Program Core 15
Concentration 45-47
Total Credit Hours Required 60-62


Choose one concentration for completion of the program:


Each course can be used to fulfill only one requirement.

Students who intend to transfer out-of-state should work with their academic advisor to determine the appropriate course selections based on their intended major and potential transfer institutions.

Program Disclaimer

This curriculum includes a list of courses required for this program of studies for this calendar year.  Your Academic Plan can be found on DegreeWorks once you become a degree-seeking student. 

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